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Laura and Victoria are sisters who have always had a passion for fitness and being active in numerous activities throughout their lives. Growing up, they started to realize that society emphasized fitness and exercise as achieving a certain physical appearance and body type. This didn’t fit with their narrative: “We want to change the way society looks at fitness and instead encourage an overall healthy state of mind and well-being for everyone.” Fitness is about feeling good, moving your body and improving your overall mental and physical health. We want to create a space that encourages physical activity for all and inspires people to maintain a healthy balance between fitness and life while feeling comfortable and confident in what they wear. Move free, feel free, livfreely.  


Xo. The D’Ariano Sisters. 

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The future we want to create

Having a supportive and diverse group of like-minded people makes it easier to maintain a fitness routine. Our goal is to provide a genuine and safe space for all types of fitness enthusiasts in order to spread our positive message of balancing fitness and life. We want to provide a judgment-free network for anyone to come to for advice, inspiration and companionship. 

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